Animals in Distress

A Holistic Approach to Animal Welfare - Unacceptable levels of poverty must be the greatest threat to South Africa’s democracy. Densely-populated informal settlements surrounding affluent centers of business are the primary concern of this indefatigable organization. “Protecting Animals; Healing Their Sickness; Fighting Cruelty; Empowering Others to do the Same” Principles of ‘rescue and home’ are evanescent, but juxtapose the animal/human element and an intelligent, practical and permanent solution becomes evident. Our Mission Statement, above, is embodied in our proactive Education and Skills’ Development initiatives.

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South African database for animal electronic identification. This is part of Virbac.

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Free Me

FreeMe is a Rehabilitation Centre for indigenous wildlife based in the north of Johannesburg. It was founded in 1997 by a group of trained rehabilitators who realised that there was not enough organised care available for suburban indigenous wildlife.

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Identipet sells, distributes, and maintains databases for electronic radio frequency identification devices. We are the official Southern African supplier of Destron-Fearing microchips, electronic eartags and scanners.

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NSPCA Randburg

The NSPCA deals with national issues and has four operational units, namely, “Farm Animals”, “Society Liaison”, “Special Projects” and “Wildlife”, which work pro-actively to prevent cruelty. The NSPCA does not have animal holding facilities and makes appropriate arrangements when necessary with the nearest suitable facility for housing animals. The NSPCA is also involved in addressing national issues and problems including legislation (laws, regulations, by-laws, codes of practice), providing registered training courses, defining policy, assisting SPCAs and dealing with national disaster relief.

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NSPCA Sandton

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